·   Universal multichannel measuring device - CANYSE 801
·   Wireless rugged hand-held terminal - ATKO




Development projects
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•  Power electronics
•  Telephone line interfaces
•  Controllers
•  Analog electronics
•  Communication interfaces
•  Software
•  Conceptual design of solutions.
•  Development of electronic sub-assemblies, assemblies and devices.
•  PCB design, preparation of documentation for production.
•  SW development for micro controllers and for Windows OS.
•  Management and coordination of development projects.
•  Advising and consulting in development of electronic devices.
•  Organizing production, assembly and testing of prototypes or small batches of PCB or  
    complete electronic devices.
•  Development, production and marketing of our own products.
Development of electronics,
Gorazd Koselj, s.p.